• Image of Drag Block Side Frame Mount Bracket

Ever wonder how dragging trucks produce a good spark show. Some drag the hell out of the rockers and the frame, but if you want a good spark show you need DRAG BLOCKS and really have a good spark show. With this bolt on drag block Kit you will be able to throw sparks in no time at all.

All you need is a Drill, good bit and a wrench and socket.

Kit comes with:
2- Side Frame Mounts
2- Block Washers Grade 5 hardware
4- 1/2 Bolts
4- Lock Washers
4- Washers
4- 1/2 Bolts

WARNING: Drag blocks do produce sparks which could ignite flammable materials. Never use drag blocks around people or vehicles, dislodged blocks could cause serious injury or death Use caution when using any drag block. Not responsible for accidents

Part# LCD300